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Albies Web Booking uses Autocab

We offer the first ever, live booking service. This enables extreme efficiency as customers can book a taxi from anywhere and, unlike most other companies, there is no booking by e-mail. The system enables a customer to book in conjunction with the live system on our control screens; this means there is an immediate response. The customer benefits in various ways, this includes going to the top of any waiting jobs, keeping track of whether the vehicle has been dispatched, or if the customer is on board. Furthermore, the system keeps an up to date history of each individual customers bookings thus a customer can check online at any time, how many bookings they have made and the cost of these. This information is hugely beneficial as it can then be exported into an Excel file and used for a client's personal financial means.

How To Use Our Booking Service

Albies Taxis want to make it as easy as possible for you to book with us.

Once you have registered for our online booking service, you will receive a username and password. To get started, we have set out the simple steps to logging on and booking your journey with Albies Taxis.

Albies Web Booking - Login Screen

Login Screen

You should login with the username and password given to you in the email that you received accepting your application to use the service (note the username and password are in lowercase letters).

Albies Web Booking - Booking Screen

Booking Screen

After logging in you will be presented with the following screen (note the screen has already been partly filled in).

Pickup Date and Time

You can change the pickup date and time to suit your booking or if you do not adjust these fields the taxi will be booked straight away. (Please remember to allow more than enough time for picking up away from Great Yarmouth e.g. 1hr for Norwich, 4hrs for Heathrow. If in doubt please call.)

Pickup Address

Put your house number in first, and then type your address. As you type the address you should see a list of matching addresses appear below. You can continue to type or select the correct address from the list.


You can leave this field "AS DIRECTED" if you wish or you can type in the address you wish to travel to. For example if you are travelling to Norwich City, type in city and as you type a list of options in the city will be presented. We only need a general idea of the destination.

Other Information

This may include front door, back door, carrying a dog, cat, postcode, etc.

Telephone Number

It is always wise to leave contact details.

Albies Web Booking - Confirmation Screen


After booking a job you will see a confirmation screen, similar to the one here.

Albies Web Booking - Cancel Screen

Cancel a Job

This can only be done online if the taxi has not been dispatched. Click on Job Status, you will be presented with the following screen. If it has been dispatched just call us to cancel.

Enter the booking reference and click check status. After cancelling a job the status will be displayed.

Albies Web Booking - Jobs Screen

Job History

This shows you the history of any jobs you have booked. You can keep track of whether the vehicle has been dispatched or if the car has picked up and customer is on board. This is really good for parents who want to know their child been pick up or for company's who need to know a VIP is on route.

Default Jobs

You can set up your own default jobs if you book from several different locations (i.e. home, work, gym, etc.). Just click on default job and name the job from its location for example job-name = home, then fill out your home details and a regular destination if you wish. Fill out the name and phone number field then save this job. This will then appear in the default job field when you make a booking so you can simply choose that job and book without filling in the fields every time.

My Profile

From here you can reset your password, change your email, address and set your permanent default job.

Albies Web Booking - Job Status Screen

Live Job Status

15 minutes before your journey time or in the case of an immediate booking a live indication will appear on the screen. When this changes to dispatched from booked you will know your taxi is on route to your pickup location.


If your address does not appear when you type please email details of your address to or call us and we will add it to our database.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You will only be able to successfully register if you are already a regular user of Albies Taxis. The telephone number that you enter should be the one you normally use to book taxis and it will be checked against our records of any previous bookings.
  2. Misuse of the service (e.g. booking a taxi on this service and not turning up) will result in withdrawal of the service.
  3. If you are catching a bus, train or airplane you must book enough time for the journey before the departure / check-in time. (If in doubt please call)

Register for Online Booking

Please submit your details on the form below to register for our online booking service. If you experience any problems please call us on 01493 331111.

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