IVR Registration with Albies Taxis

What is Integrated Voice Recognition

This is a system whereby a customer phones our call centre and is addressed by a brief message asking whether the customer wishes to book a taxi immediately. If so then the customer is asked to press the one, two or three key and the taxi is automatically and instantly booked. A very beneficial aspect of this system is that where a customer has registered with this system, then the addresses that are registered at the outset as a pick-up is where the taxi will arrive and the customer merely needs to press a key on the phone without saying anything. Thus a customer can book a taxi without disturbing anyone around them!!

Register for IVR

Register your home address for IVR booking. Simply fill in your details below and we will email you back confirmation that you are on the system.

Then simply ring Albies and listen to the message:

  • Press 1 for a taxi up to four seats to your regular pick up point, or
  • Press 0 if you need a larger vehicle or want to make a future booking (you will be transferred to one of our dedicated staff who will be only to happy to help)

Albies Taxis Minibus
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